Colin Ramsden

You are all individuals — Yes we are

Ramsdens Keith, Luke, Colin and Joel


This site is dedicated to all the individual people sharing the name of Colin Ramsden. It contains information about those Colin Ramsdens, such as their statistics, inter-relationships, family, hereditary, ancestry, history, interests, goals, failures, successes, loves, likes, hates, dislikes, stories, contacts, and other such matter as they want to convey in such a forum on the wwweb

The site slogan byline "You are all individuals – Yes we are" is taken from the English comedy Monty Python "Life of Brian".

Colin Ramsden (of Kincumber NSW Australia) is the webmaster and host. If you'd like to comment about anything on this site, or if you are a Colin Ramsden and would like to contribute, please contact the webmaster. See Contacts).

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