Colin Ramsden

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a Colin Ramsden?
A: Yes, the webmaster for is named Colin Ramsden.

Q: How many Colin Ramsdens are there?
A: As at July 2009, there are at least 12 separate and individual people listed on the web that are named Colin Ramsden. See Links and Contacts.

Q: Are any Colin Ramsdens related to each other?
A: As at July 2009, no common genealogical linking has been found yet. However, as more Colin Ramsdens are found and contacted, the chances are high that many of them will share some common ancestry. Currently, the only common link is by name. See the Photo Gallery. Do you think any look alike?

Q: Where can I comment about or leave a message for Colin Ramsden?
A: As of March 2010, a site forum community bulletin board was established for discussion of the 'Ramsden Family Name', and 'People named Ramsden' including a sub forum for 'People named Colin Ramsden'. Anyone is free to leave a comment, after registering with the forum.