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A common name or a name in common?

By Colin Ramsden (of Kincumber, NSW, Australia), July 2008.

I had always thought that I was a unique individual, and my name was a unique label which identified only me. I have lived with that belief for all my life, until recently. With the advent of the internet, I've discovered that there's more than one person bearing my name. In fact, there are several people on the internet named Colin Ramsden.

An ego surf (Google search using your name) of "colin ramsden" (performed on 18 July 2008) returned 97 major hits. An examination of the results showed that I rated number 1, 2 out of the top 5, 5 out of the top 10, with another 15 in the remainder, to a grand total of 20. That is, those were links to me on the web, and not some other Colin Ramsden.

So who are these people, with my same name, and:

I intend to find out. This website is for me, and for all Colin Ramsdens. Do we have a common name, or a name in common?